Daniel Frieling, President, Inventor, Designer, Product-tester
40-years experience in helmet-cam design and customized mounting systems;
35-years experience in IT & Electronic Medical Record system design, implementation, sales, marketing and training specializing in immunization-scheduling technologies; and a bunch more ...


1978 Designed & built the first ever Helmet-CAM 1978 <SEE History >
1985 Designed & built the first combo face-neck warmer <READ>
2010 Designed & built first tri-camera helmet-CAM mount. See early video from 2-camera view, Barkeater Glade, Gore Mnt <VIEW>
2012 Designed & built ski-CAM mount. The trick is to build a mount that doesn’t break. See some early cool video from snow-level <VIEW>
2013 Designed & built rear facing helmet-CAM mount. Ski & boarding videos are limited to short face-forward segments, with an EECONS custom mount, entire action runs get filmed showing faces <VIEW>

1982 Created first ever electronic medical record system
Colgate/Palmolive commissioned this, and it was portable <READ>
1992 Created 1st pediatric-specific EMR; with a way crazy immunization scheduling system; that has yet to be rivaled <READ>
1993 Introduced concept of keeping patient-photos as part of electronic medical records; demonstrated concept to National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Executive Committee starting the entire movement of NCMEC utlitizing digital photos
1996 First to put a doctor on a wireless handheld running EMR
over the Internet. Proxim, the only wireless maker back then, thought this was so cool they did a case study about it <READ>
1999 Created 1st medical ASP (application service provider) allowing doctors to run medical records over the Internet

Dan, the inventor/creator of the world’s 1st helmet-cam brings his innovative-thinking to the world of ski/board goggles. Is it sunny today? Is it dumping snow and the pow is up to your waste? What lens do you use today? Most skiers/boarders only have 1 set of goggles so there is no choice, and often that mean no visibility. Dan solved the problem, check out the line of sporting-goods that Dan founded, SportCamZ, found at SportCamZ.com (and our online retailer GoggleOutlet.com) and check out the Barkeater goggles.

Have a special product you need to highlight on the snow? New ski boot line; need action footage? New ski line, need action footage? Ski/board mounted cameras are very tricky and require a specialty that only years of experience brings; speak to Dan about building custom mounts for your specific needs.

See Dan’s ski-cam in forward-action position
See Dan’s ski-cam in forward-equipment position
See Dan’s ski-cam in boot-action position
See Dan’s ski-cam in teaching-action position
Note: new videos coming with better clothing-colors

See your products displayed in full action.
Contact Dan at EECONS to discuss your specific needs

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