Our software design team has experience ranging from electronic medical records to the AEGIS missile launch system. Our engineers can help design your new system, help improve existing designs, provide project review services and all importantly, we can provide alpha and beta testing services.

Our team understands software design, hardware issues, system integration and delivery. We also understand the importance of having an experienced outside team provide comprehensive alpha and beta testing, an area most often done by the wrong people, the developers and those most familiar with the project.

We can work with you at any stage of your project, initial design plans or just beta testing. Contact us to discuss your situation. And of course, all system discussions are treated with complete confidentiality.

Technical support is an issue faced by all developers. Most consider tech support to be a liability, a costly liability. Tech support can be an asset to increase sales. We can work with your tech support department to transform a necessary liability into your strongest sales tool. Contact us and we can discuss your particular product, support and how it can be transformed into an asset. What a great tax-tool, an asset that stays in the liability column. In the words of Mr. Spock, interesting.

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