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EECONS [really] Secure Free Demo Password Request Form

Does your scanner Email a PDF?
Does your fax-machine Email a PDF?
Are you scanning/faxing, and thus Emailing information that you don’t want others to see?

Electronic Enterprises, Inc., offers the simplest most elegant solution, no software, 100% compatibility!
Your scans and faxes will be 100% securely encrypted end-to-end.
Best is, it works with ALL scanners and fax machines that send Email, all it takes is a minor setup change.

Our trick - you only need to change 1 thing, the FROM Email address and server info the scanner uses to send Email, NOTHING else, everything else is 100% automated. 100% compatibility with your device guaranteed!

Request your free Demo Password then simply set your scanner or fax machine to use these settings:

From: safescan@eecons.com or safefax@eecons.com - your choice, they do the same thing
SMTP Mail Server: mail.eecons.com Port: 587 Security: STARTTLS or Port 465 Security: SSL
Password: We’ll send it to you ...(along with directions on how to set it up, it’s really easy)

Use the Demo Password Request Form below and we’ll email you the current Demo Password, it gets changed every few days.

When your password expires let us know and we’ll send a new/unique Email address/Password that will work for 30 more days., We want to be sure you have enough time to evaluate how powerful, safe, and easy this system is ... and how much you really need it

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Specializing in small/SOHO to medium size professional and commercial businesses. Electronic Enterprises has
a long history working with medical offices, accountants, lawyers, manufacturers, distributors and retail operations

Electronic Enterprises, Inc,
1964-76 Industry leading electron tubes (NASA, JAN, DESA)
1982-... Provider of IT services and secure Email hosting

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