We like to use the terms professionally hosted email and real email.

Most look as email as just email, you have an address and you use it. Some have email addresses with their own domain name, like support@eecons.com, and others have free email from provider like gmail, yahoo, aol, comcast, rr, xfinity and others. The fact is email is more important than it just being an address and a way to communicate. Think of it as typed phone calls, and do you want everyone listening in on your phone calls?

Free services do not provide private email - your email is mostly computer read, scrutinized, documented and the contents are sold. A recent report showed that google had humans reading specific emails. These big companies providing free email are not providing anything they don’t make a LOT of money on.

By providing you with what appears to not have a cost, that is, you did not send them money, you are paying in many ways. Your basic contact information is worth about $75 to each buyer. That includes your name, email address and any other data you have saved on the free email site. This is often disguised as emergency information should you lose your password. We call it additional extremely valuable data. The content of your email starts adding even more value. These companies learn what you speak about, where your kids go to school, what you think about politics and if you get your car washed.

We hear all the time “what do I have to hide?”. That’s a very dangerous attitude. Would you be comfortable having a group of people listening in on your phone calls? Email privacy is no different, other than it can be more dangerous to your privacy. Voice is heard, your email is scrutinized, categorized, sorted and sold to any company wanting to buy it.

At Electronic Enterprises there is never data-theft, we provide a great service with great features, and we charge for it so we don’t have to resort to stealing your privacy to make money. We prefer to earn it.

Our email service is not expensive, in fact it’s extremely affordable. Contact us and tell us about your email needs such as number of people needing an email address, any utility (equipment) accounts required such as a fax machine or alarm system. We’ll put together a customized quote for you so you know just what it will cost.

Generally speaking, on the high end email costs $5/month/email address, but, don’t use that figure, a custom quote is the way to go. For instance, most accounts will qualify for free utility accounts (fax, alarm, etc.)


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